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Crime Victim Services Program

Strong Family Health Center provides crime victim services to all American Indians and Alaska Native individual’s living in Modoc County who are a victim of a qualifying crime.


Available Services

  • Assistance in filing for Victim Compensation
  • Victim advocacy and case management
  • Childcare costs for the victim’s minor children (for time related to the crime or recovery from the crime)
  • Court accompaniment/related appointment accompaniment
  • Culturally appropriate services
  • Crisis intervention/emergency services
  • Education, job training, and/or education/GED assistance; employment readiness and assistance
  • Legal services/attorney fees for explanation of legal rights, obtaining restitution, enforcing victim rights, family law cases and other civil matters directly related to the victimization
  • Shelter and housing assistance, in a domestic violence shelter if relative, short term hotel rooms for crisis situation and assistance in establishing permanent housing
  • Support, grief and domestic violence groups
  • Relocation assistance relative to victimization


Eligibility-qualifying individuals for this program will be:

  • A member of a tribe, band or other organized group of Indians including a descendant in the first or second degree or Alaskan Native or is a California Indian or descendant to first or second degree and can provide written documentation.
  • A current resident of Modoc County and provides documentation to attest to this (voter registration, employment documentation, school attendance, lease of property tax exemption, utility bill, real ID or other document approved by executive director).
  • A reasonably proven victim of the following crimes: arson, assault, bullying, burglary, child abuse, cyber-crimes, dating violence, domestic/family, violence, elder abuse/neglect, fraud, gang violence, hate crime, homicide, identity theft, mass violence, missing person/kidnapping, labor trafficking, rape/sexual assault, robbery, sex trafficking, stalking/harassment, terrorism or DUI w/injury


Robin Farnam

Robin Farnam

Client Advocate, Victim Services


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    Victim Intake Form

    After submitting a referral, you will be will contacted by an advocate on the next business day.