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Purchase and Referred Care (PRC)

The PRC Program is integral to providing comprehensive health care services to American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/AN) through contracted health services.

The combination of an increasing AI/AN population, limited funding, medical inflation, and limited competitive pricing and options requires strict adherence to program guidelines to ensure the most effective use of PRC resources. These guidelines apply to qualifying factors such as medical priorities of care and eligibility requirements.

SFHC is the payer of last resort and requires patients to exhaust all health care resources available to them from private insurance, state health programs such as Medi-Cal and Partnership, and other federal programs such as Medicare and Veterans Benefits before the PRC program can provide payment.

Individuals requesting PRC must complete the Patient Registration Process and furnish proof of their PRC eligibility. Proof of eligibility is in three parts:

  1. Indian Eligibility
  2. Residency
  3. Alternate Resources.

See SFHC Policy & Procedures for detailed requirements.


All appointments need to be submitted through the PRC Department prior to the appointment date. In the event of an emergency patients need to submit the date of the ER, Hospital, Flight, Ambulance, etc. as soon as possible. Call 530-233-4591 to report an appointment or fill out the PRC Request Form below.

    Purchase and Referred Care Request Form

    Are You Requesting Transport?

    Are you Requesting Mileage?

    Transport and Mileage are a request and NOT a guarantee.
    *See SFHC Transportation and Mileage Policies and Procedures
    Individuals requesting transport cannot dictate their transporter or vehicle.
    Medi-Cal / Partnership patients must see a Medi-Cal provider.

    Medicare patients need to check with their providers to make sure they accept Medicare.

    Private Insurance patients need to see providers that are in their network.

    If you are in need of medical attention outside of SFHC business hours call 911 or go to the closest medical facility or hospital.



    Meredith Richno

    Meredith Richno

    Diabetes Program Coordinator, PRC Manager, RPMS Site Manager


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