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History of Strong Family Health Center

Strong Family Health Center, formally Modoc Indian Health Project, is a product of the vision and dedication of Erin Forrest, the Project Director from 1968 until his retirement in 2002. Early in the 1960’s, as a member on the State Commission Board representing Indian issues in California, Erin helped initiate important changes in services for Indians in California. He helped secure and develop programs to improve, medical and dental services, nutrition and employment. His ideas are included in what is now the primary Indian Health Bill.

In 1990, after a quality assurance study, Erin’s program at Modoc Indian Health Project was selected by the Health and Human Services as the most cost-effective health delivery system in the United States.

Strong Family Health Center continues to keep Erin’s vision, of improving the lives of Indian People, alive by providing quality healthcare to American Indians.

Photo of Erin Forrest