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Strong Family Health Center (SFHC) is introducing our new Elder Services Program. This program is to support the Native Elders of Modoc County. The program is to provide assistance to those that wish to live independently. We believe in a person’s right to dignity, self-determination and to fulfill the opportunity to live in the least restrictive environment possible. SFHC will reach out to community partners to gain as much resources possible.

Any individual wishing to be a part of the Elder Services Program must be a currently registered/active client with SFHC.

The Elder Services Program is here to assist Elder Clients in filling out Senior Meals Application, Home Energy Assistance Program (Li-heap), Emergency Preparedness Information, Needs Assessment, Transportation and much more. We will be implementing guest speakers to share important, educational information to our Elders. If you need transportation for any of the above, please let SFHC know as soon as possible as it is on a first come, first serve basis.

You must submit all medical, dental and vision appointments through the PRC department prior to the appointment date. In the event of an emergency, patients need to submit the date of the ER, Hospital, Flight, Ambulance, etc. as soon as possible.

Call 530-233-4591 to report an appointment or fill out the Purchase and Referred Care Request (PRC) Request Form.

    Purchase and Referred Care Request Form

    Are You Requesting Transport?

    Are you Requesting Mileage?

    Transport and Mileage are a request and NOT a guarantee.
    *See SFHC Transportation and Mileage Policies and Procedures
    Individuals requesting transport cannot dictate their transporter or vehicle.
    Medi-Cal / Partnership patients must see a Medi-Cal provider.

    Medicare patients need to check with their providers to make sure they accept Medicare.

    Private Insurance patients need to see providers that are in their network.

    If you are in need of medical attention outside of SFHC business hours call 911 or go to the closest medical facility or hospital.